Attendance Reward [earn PREMIUM COIN]

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Attendance Reward [earn PREMIUM COIN] Empty Attendance Reward [earn PREMIUM COIN]

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:19 am

Yes. 100% you can earn premium coin everyday.

Simply attendance on Rage Ran Online every day

Q: What time allowed to check my attendance?

A:Your character must not log out or disconnected from RAGE Ran Server and reach online time to 1 hour. after that click attendance button and select number of current days as below picture illustrated.

affraid Reward and Days

Attendance Reward [earn PREMIUM COIN] 84-35
Premium Coin

earn 1 Premium Coin , Attended for 1-3 consecutively days
earn 10 Premium Coin , Attended for 4-9 consecutively days
Attendance Reward [earn PREMIUM COIN] 26-16
earn [5D] Gainun Wing , Attended for 10 consecutively days
earn 30 Premium Coin , Attended for 11-15 consecutively days
earn [5D] Bracelet Rage , Attended for 16 consecutively days
earn 40 Premium Coin , Attended for 17-24 consecutively days
Attendance Reward [earn PREMIUM COIN] 218-46
earn [15 Days][M][F][VIP] Bird Costume Box , Attended for 25 consecutively days
earn 100 Premium Coin , Attended for 26 consecutively days
earn 300 Premium Coin , Attended for 27 consecutively days
earn 500 Premium Coin , Attended for 28 consecutively days
earn 1,000 Premium Coin , Attended for 29 consecutively days
earn 2,000 Premium Coin , Attended for 30 consecutively days

Attendance Reward [earn PREMIUM COIN] Attendance


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