hunting rings and accessories

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hunting rings and accessories

Post by sileopoyan on Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:53 am

sir/maam pwede po bang malamang kung saan pwede mahunt yung mga premium accessories ?
napakatagal naman po kasi magipon ng premium coin. napakababa po ng drop rate. siguro po mga two years hindi parin kami nakakapag ipon ng napakadaming premium coin.


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hunting rings and accessories

Post by -AI- on Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:43 am

You can hunt Earrings, Bracelet, aura and etc at Main floor, 1st floor to 3rd Floor.

Chance of Drop rate? 1% takes too long to hunt premium coins since what we sale at NPC is DONATE or VIP items. Lucky for you to have it since its all FREE all you have to do is to hunt premium coins on GAME.

NOTE: You can hunt daily 5,000 premium coins on GAME. Just explore the map and get your party to kill the boss.

But if your tired of hunting or you have no time to hunt then you can help our server  simply purchase Premium Coin or
Epoints to our authorize EP resellers posted at http: // rageonline . sytes . net

If you have premium coin or Epoints then you can buy everything you want on game or in RAGE Website.

1 php = 1 point
1 epoint = 100 premium Coins


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