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Post by Admin on Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:22 am

Rage Ran Features:

- Get Full Donate using Vote Points
- 24/7 Online No Lag
- Balance Game Play
- Premium and Vote System (you can buy item using PC or VP)
- Available new bikes, and Hover Board
- Latest pet Available at NPC (more pet)
- +30 Max Refine both Weapon and Armor
- Unlock skill 1 up to 227
- Huntable 237 scroll at saint map 30f , 50f and 90f

- Refine Rates
* 58% Success Refining Rate Until +10
* 56% Success Refining Rate Until +11
* 54% Success Refining Rate until +12
* 52% Success Refining Rate until +13
* 50% Success Refining Rate until +14
* 48% Success Refining Rate until +15
* 45% Success Refining Rate until +16
* 40% Success Refining Rate until +17 to +20
* 30% Success Refining Rate until +21 to +24
* 20% Success Refining Rate until +25 to +28
* 18% Success Refining Rate until +29
* 10% Success Refining Rate until +30

- Necklace of protection and Item Rebuild is available at NPC (Gold Only to Purchase). This prevent item Vanish.
- Rebirth System :: Primary Rebirth:1 up to 100 :: Required Level : 200:: Max Level : 360
- Easy to Level up. 1-220 level can level up in campus.
- Leveling Map campus and Death Jail 2
- Easy to get rare item. Killed campus boss like little hooligan, bandit leader and etc. to get rare items.
- Drop on Game All VIP items. Like Aura, Wings, Ring, Earring, Bracelet and more.
- BTG available when turn to RED it increase Exp and Drop Rate.
- Attendance Available. to learn more award >>>> Click Me
- Club War System and CDM System with Cool award. Learn more award here >>> Click Me
- 7 Class Available (No IMBA assassin or other class since Skill and char is Fix and make balance)
- Monster or Mobs Color name according to your level.
- 100% Drop premium coin all Mini Boss (found at campus IN and OUT) and Big Boss
- 100% Drop High Class Burr and Lux used to upgrade up to +30
- use command like /pow 99 to add Pow (Power) Stats. for Dex. type /dex same with int = /int, vit = /vit and stm = /stm for stamina
- Cool Character Information with give you information each stats or column with mouse drag over.
- Clean Interface since its upgrade to episode 9. Rage ran online using episode 9 server.
- Item Drop glow effect, character and npc effects when click
- Cool costume. Costume now is not only for good looking but it also add stats. Like hp 3500, attack 650 and more. see on games. but you can have it using your vp or vote points available at ITEM Mall or Rage website.
- Animated Weapon, Wings and Bike is Available.
- Automated Wear Item using Right Click Function.
- Item Preview by pressing  HOLD Shift + Right Click.
- Item Preview Shift + click, new window appear to view your item like box, weapon or armor
- Daily Events Suryun, Club War, Club Death Match and Last man Standing.
- Latest and cool weapon. Latest Armor and Weapon mostly drop at Saint Research map.
- PERMA Set for NEWBIES +15.


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