[DROP] List of Drops in Saint Research Map

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[DROP] List of Drops in Saint Research Map

Post by Calibre45 on Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:24 pm

Saint Research Map
Map Name

Drops! (latest item)
* Rage Gaunt,
* Rage Bow,
* Rage Sword,
* Rage Spear,
* Legendary Dragon Blace,
* Rage Weapon Ran2013,
* Evo Weapons,
* Wings,
* Ring,
* Earring and
* Bracelet

Entry : (Required)
* Item Name: [1D] Saint Research Entry Card ( Can purchase at NPC or Item Mall shop)
* Valid for 1 Day Entry

Path to go Saint Reseach Map
1. Go to Market
2. At market Place press "M" to view Mini Map. Find and go portal SaintB (go inside)
3. Your character will be teleport to Head.B1F Map.
4. At Head.B1F press M to view mini map. Find and go portal Head.B U-ground (go inside)
5. Teleported to Head.BUGround. Press M to view mini map. Find and go portal Saint Research (go inside)
Note: Saint Research located at 3rd Power Generator Room at Head.BUGround Map.
(Good Luck and happy hunting)

Purchase  Saint Research Map Teleporter Card Available at Item Mall. Right Click this card to teleport
automatically to Saint Research Map and you must have required Entry Card (above listed)


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